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Logistics and supply chain management are now easier

than ordering a pizza at home

We provide the opportunity to use the entire modern logistics market through a single window system

Focus on your business and be confident that every task you assign is a top priority for the entire versta ecosystem

All logistics for legal entities

International delivery of documents and goods

Worldwide logistics from a single window system

import/export, logistics between third countries

  • Delivery of documents and samples
  • Import/export of goods, including import/export through third countries
  • Customs clearance
  • Financial logistics
  • We have representatives in the European Union (Germany, Portugal), China, USA, EAEU (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia), UAE, as well as partners worldwide - this ensures clarity, speed, and high quality

Courier delivery

  • Selection of more than 30 courier services - ability to compare price and timescales
  • Economic and express delivery
  • Delivery up to 2 hours operates in more than 1000 cities of the Russian Federation
  • Delivery with fulfilment of orders
  • Replacement of regular couriers
  • Simplified insurance system
Курьерская доставка

LTL / FTL transportation

  • Dedicated vehicles and consolidated loads
  • Organised suppliers and consolidation of the private carrier market (2 million independent carriers)
  • Delivery throughout Russia, CIS, World
    vCollected cargo - real-time cost calculation
  • Calculation of dedicated transport:
    • Inner-city: online or no more than 1 hour
    • Intercity: online or no more than 2 hours
  • Fast car confirmation
  • Delivery on marketplaces and networks
  • Insurance

Warehouse storage and processing

  • Warehouses in 69 regions
  • All types of warehousing
  • Warehouse order processing
  • Returns processing
  • Unified interface for managing all warehouses

Delivery for Online Stores

  • Integration delivery services for online shops, including oversized goods
  • Door delivery, pickup locations, Postamats
  • Receipt of cash on delivery
  • Fitting, partial redemption
  • Returns processing
  • Return of documents
  • Basket widget and integration modules

IT solutions and integrations

  • Unified personal account to manage all logistics, accessible via the Web
  • API for integration with corporate systems
  • Basket widget for online shops
  • Order upload from Excel, CVS, TXT files
  • Online tender between suppliers
  • Mobile tracker for contractors

All types of logistics services within a single personal account

From letter and parcel to warehouse and dedicated vehicle

All suppliers in a single personal account

Cost reduction and logistics design

Arranging the work of employees

  • applications
  • approval
  • request to warehouse
  • transfer to transport company

Reporting on the required analytics

  • branches
  • departments
  • projects
  • regions

Control of order fulfilment

Order support team

Each order matters - the support team is always on hand to support your every order

You can be sure that everything will be completed within time and budget you have chosen, but if something goes wrong, the support team is already is already dealing with it, as our technology platform instantly identifies all glitches and delays along the way to fulfil your order

We raise SLA to 99%

Average response time up to 3 minutes

Solving your task within 15 minutes

Unique approach

Handling and processing of each specific order

is a unique set of events that is controlled by our robot Fedot.

New participants can easily be added to the process

including your suppliers or managers. As soon as Fedot realizes that he has not learned how to solve a problem, he immediately passes it on to the versta manager/external supplier/you. Communication with all participants occurs through standard communication channels (email, telegram) - this allows you to make the process even more

Robot Fedot

Fedot is the perfect logistician who has intelligence and manages all the actions of the system

Unlike humans, Fedot never forgets anything or makes a mistake



Order calculating and placing

  • API, ERP/CMS modules, widget for online stores, web interaction interface User roles (creation, calculation, selection)
  • Bulk loading of orders
  • Gathering of commercial offers
  • Offers from versta, own suppliers

Supplier selection

  • Self-selection of the contractor
  • Automatic selection by specified criteria: quality, price, terms, economy
  • Online tender
  • Formation of a supply chain with several suppliers
  • Transmission of orders to suppliers in accordance with contracts (API, e-mail, telegram)
  • Automatic selection of an alternative contractor
  • Additional services - insurance, handling, factoring, packaging, etc.

Order fulfilment

  • Unified status model with customisation options
  • Tools for interaction with all suppliers
  • Proactive control system for order fulfillment: model of problematic order statuses, forecasting missed delivery deadlines
  • Automatic communication with the recipient on orders
  • Mobile application for unorganised suppliers

Analytics and Mutual Settlements

  • Unified analytics and reporting system
  • Support for prepaid and postpaid systems
  • Control over supplier detailing (compliance of declared and actual cost)
  • Transparency of cash on delivery for each supplier
  • Ability to customise payment rules

Stability and safety

Distributed IT architecture

Hosted by leading hosting providers

Reservations several times a day

"Exercise" on restoring a system from backups

Duplicate backups at multiple sites

Modern DDoS defence tools, including CDNs

System availability SLA 99.7%


If it is necessary to restore in the worst case scenario (when all working servers, databases, most of the backup copies, etc. are destroyed)

- this will have no effect on the execution (delivery) of orders already transferred to the transport company

- It takes about 2-4 hours to restore the possibility of accepting new orders

Suppliers in the Russian Federation


Versta service users

more than 5000

customers trust us with their shipments in a wide range of fields


Our mission is to provide a full range of logistics services via single interface. We realise that price can be a barrier to decision-making, which is why we've made our platform completely free

We only charge for services purchased on the platform

We have developed a unique logistics platform, but each of our clients makes it even more valuable by bringing their ideas for development and thereby helping other users to simplify their processes

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Palletizing of cargo

Stacking cargo on a euro pallet using stretch film and tape. It is used for packing goods in containers subject to deformation, for bulk goods, for consolidation of cargo with a large number of places with dimensions less than 25×25×25 cm. If there are valuable items in the cargo, palletising the cargo under a seal is used

Wooden battens

Wooden battens is a wood packaging made individually to the size of the load. It is used for the transportation of fragile, fluid and non-standard loads. It protects the cargo from damage and is also used in case your cargo may damage the cargo of third parties

Polypropylene sealing bag

Used for packaging small, valuable goods, small shipments. The seal is included in the cost of packaging and serves as a guarantee of cargo protection from unauthorized access

Pallet collar

A wooden box of adjustable height to protect the shipment from external damage is provided during inter-terminal transport. Not to be handed over to the recipient

Packaging in bubble wrap

During transport, bubble wrap packaging provides additional protection of cargo against scratches and abrasions.

Cardboard box

Universal packaging, which is used when transporting small cargo, allows you to compactly pack dissimilar cargo, preserving the appearance and integrity of the cargo.

They operate under the versta brand


Sals Impeks






Oto Express


















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The versta platform guarantees the fulfillment of contractual obligations and settlements, as well as compliance with the highest quality standards.

We are creating a community of transport companies and forwarders on the basis of a technology platform that allows us to automate the processes of working with clients and suppliers, expand the network of partners around the world without the risk of fraud

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